Adoptive Parents FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

• Do the prospective adoptive parents have to live in Florida?
No. Chrarlene Francis can place "special needs" babies out-of-state with the assistance of a child-placing agency and in accordance with the Interstate Compact. These babies include: African-American, biracial, and/or physically or mentally handicapped.
• What is the normal waiting period to be matched to a birth mother?
Generally, the waiting time is 12-18 months. This time can be greatly increased if the adoptive parents specify a gender.
• Can a birth mother change her mind after the Consent is signed?
No. There is no grace period in the State of Florida which allows for the birth mother to change her mind after signing the Consent for Adoption. Is it an "open" or "closed" adoption? It can be either, depending on the wishes of both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. If both wish to meet and know each other (open adoption), those wishes will be upheld. If neither wish to meet (closed adoption), we will honor those wishes as well.
• Who will pay for the baby's medical expenses while he/she is in the hospital?
Florida State law requires insurance carriers to cover an adopted child to the same extent it would cover a biological child.
• What happens if the baby is handicapped? Do we have to take him/her?
While your financial responsibility for the child remains the same, you are not required to adopt the child. The attorney will find a couple who is interested in adopting a special needs child.

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